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Since 1923

about us

In 1923 Grandma Caterina and her family moved to Breganze - a land of great wines - and with the purchase of the first vineyard land located in the heart of the food and wine itinerary called 'Strada del Torcolato e dei vini di Breganze' (Road of Torcolato and wines of Breganze), the story of the winery Col Dovigo began. The company - still a family-run business - is named after the appellation 'Dovighi', i.e. a term referring to those who come from other lands, with which the people of Breganze identified Caterina and her family. The marriage of Grandma Caterina with Valentino Bonollo, a farmer and winemaker known as one of the first founders of the winery Beato Bartolomeo di Breganze, also united the passion of the young, newlywed couple for viticulture: while continuing to cultivate the vineyards of the small village of Mirabella, they moved to the hill, where Cantina Col Dovigo Estate is currently located.  Their love for the land and its precious outgrowth has been handed down to their children, Battista e Pieralberto, who, by treasuring the knowledge and know-how inherited from their parents, bought new lands where they planted several vine varieties and renewed the existing ones. The discovery and exploitation of indigenous grape varieties represents a milestone in the history of the winery Cantina Col Dovigo: by investing resources into and committing to the preservation of the typical area of Breganze Doc, the company started an unprecedented enhancement of its products, placing its first bottled wines on the domestic market.


about us

The wines of Cantina Col Dovigo are the result of the friendship among Battista, grandson Stefano and Alessandro, always united by their consolidated love for viticulture and confidence in the potential of the territory of Breganze. These wines are also the outcome of the passion and constant quest to improve the quality of Doc Breganze wines.

A perfect union between tradition and innovation, an in-depth knowledge of the territory, a constant attention to the vineyards and the ability to experiment with new oenological and agronomic techniques are the values ​​underpinning the identity of Cantina Col Dovigo, nowadays a point of reference or even a benchmark for wine production in the area of Breganze Doc. 

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