the winery

The Winery

Cantina Col Dovigo is a winery located along the beautiful food and wine itinerary called 'Strada del Torcolato e dei vini di Breganze' (Road of Torcolato and wines of Breganze), which enjoys a privileged location, with an exceptional 360 degree view over the vineyards that run along the gentle slopes of Breganze hills down to touching the plains. 

The old farmhouse has been recently renovated and equipped with 20 stainless steel tanks for the vinification of white wines (Vespaiolo, Chardonnay, Tocai, Pinot Gris) and red wines (Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Groppello).

the winery

Downstairs is the 'Blue Room', an evocative beautiful blue-walled bottle cellar where a relaxing atmosphere accompanies the ageing and aging of the red wines Suam andTorcolato, whose aromas and colours are there enriched.

We like to think of the winery not only as a place where the wine is brought to ripen and preserved, but also as a place where friends and guests can gather and meet. Our wines can be tasted every day of the year, and we love to guide our guests in a quick walk through our vineyards and our wine cellar. 

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